The word “crypto” is taking fintech industry by storm in recent couple of years with the emerging distributed ledger technology ( DLT ), blockchain. Decentralized Finance (DEFI) protocols and trustless ecosystems are acquiring many areas in the businesses. Trustless means, there is no need of a trust to create an…

A physical asset can be any entity exist which we can see or touch.

There is an ongoing trend in fintech space about digitizing assets or tokenization of assets. Today we will discuss some of the fundamental components in that process.

There was a headline few years back:

Paul Newman’s ‘Paul Newman’ Rolex Daytona Sells For $17.8…

Use Case

Moving resources across different groups and deleting resources are common activities when managing a cloud based app.

I came across a scenario where azure resource did not completely cleaned-up even though I deleted it from a portal. I am sharing a scenario and the way I resolved below:

I had…

Zilliqa is a promising blockchain platform which I came across last year when researching to findout how to use #blockchain to save medical records!

Have a look on below video demo I created to develop a simple decentralized app with zilliqa as a platform. Code base is shared on github for your reference. Link can be find in video description. Good luck!

In a recent past AZURE has achieved significant success as a cloud hosting provider. App service is one of the incredibly easier to setup, up and running platform as a service provider (PAAS) by Azure.

Why PAAS? There are decent amount of internet resources distinguish between IAAS, PAAS and SAAS…

Parallelism vs Async / Non- Blocking (Introduction)

There are reasonable number of debates on when to use Async (Non-Blocking) vs parallel programming (Threading) to achieve optimal performance and expected outcome. This article discuss when to use an appropriate approach with few practical examples.

Article uses C#.NET as a programming language for code samples

When to use threads vs async?

Creating a new thread…

Hasitha A

A Software Architect based in Singapore.

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